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Distance Selling Contract

Article 1) Parties

Reseller: Business Bridges Group
Address: Cevizli Mahallesi, Kepez street, Kahraman Apt, No: 7 Floor: 2 Flat: 6 Kartal / ISTANBUL
Phone: +90 538 950 41 29
Email address: [email protected]

E-mail address:

Article 2) Subject

This contract, the mutual rights and obligations between the Consumer ordering the product whose qualities and sales price are given below and the Seller who owns this website from www.business-bridges.com and the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and Procedures for Distance Management. It is regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Principles and Principles.

Article 3) Product and Order Information

Name of the product:
Number of product:
The price of the product, including VAT:
Delivery transportation price:
Payment method:


Article 4) Invoice and Delivery Information

Bill to:
Name on Invoice:

Delivery Address:

Article 5) General Requirements

people under the age of 18 cannot buy from www.business-bridges.com. By electronically acknowledging this agreement, the consumer confirms that it is over the age of 18.

The seller is not responsible for price and content errors resulting from directory and system errors that may occur on the www.business-bridges.com website. The seller reserves the right to cancel orders with incorrect pricing.

When a consumer purchases from www.business-bridges.com, they acknowledge that this is a personal use purchase, not a resale.

By electronically acknowledging this agreement, the consumer confirms that the exact and complete receipt of the address, telephone, key features of the ordered products, price of the products including taxes, payment and delivery information that should be given to the Consumer by the Reseller prior to the contractual agreement

If the price of the product is not paid for any reason or canceled on bank records, the seller is deemed to be free of the obligation to deliver the product.

The date the order is processed by the Seller, not the date the order was placed, but the date the payment was received by the Seller's bank accounts, either through a bank transfer or EFT. Consumer agrees that, for orders placed via bank transfer or EFT, Reseller will cancel the order if it fails to make payment within 1 week.

If payment is made by credit card or similar payment card, upon delivery of the product, if the consumer's credit card is used by unauthorized persons other than the consent of Consumer, and is not otherwise unfair or illegal, the bank or financial institution will not pay the product to the Reseller, It is mandatory that the product be sent to the Seller within 3 days provided that the consumer has been delivered to it.


Article 6) Seller obligations

The seller will fulfill the order within thirty days of the time the consumer shipped the order. This period can be extended up to ten days, provided the consumer is notified in writing earlier.

The Dealer cannot be held liable for any problems the carrier may encounter during the delivery of the product to the Consumer stage, as the item ordered cannot be delivered to the Consumer.

The Dealer is not held responsible for the failure to accept the delivery of the item ordered by the buyer at the delivery address.

Provided that it is justified, the Seller may supply the Consumer with equal quality and price before the fulfillment obligation expires.

For various reasons, the production of ordered products may not be possible. If the seller is unable to meet its contractual obligations, saying that the goods or services under which the order is subject may not be fulfilled, then the seller shall notify the Consumer before the contractual fulfillment period has expired. Returns all documents to the Consumer within 10 days of being charged and indebted

The consumer has the right to withdraw the contract within seven days of delivery to the person/organization on the address that the item they ordered, either to him or as a Delivery Address. The exercise of the right to withdrawal requires that Reseller be notified by contact form, email or telephone at www.business-bridges.com and that the Products are not covered by Products in which the right to withdrawal of Article 7 cannot be used. The seller has the right not to accept returns without notification to the seller.

Consumer or 3. The individual is responsible for sending the complete invoice, packing slip, certificate, insurance forms, product box, packaging and all other paperwork and materials sent to the Seller along with the return of the product. VAT and other legal obligations of non-invoiced goods are not refundable. Any deterioration, damage or other loss of value in the paperwork and materials shipped with the product and product is the responsibility of the Consumer who is returning, or for any reason arising from shipping, shipping, or returning Consumer.

The cost of the product will be returned to the Consumer within 7 days of the delivery of these documents.


Article 7) Products where the right to withdrawal cannot be used

Consumer shall not exercise the right to deter products manufactured or modified or made available in accordance with consumer's special requests and demands. Therefore, products written in the subset according to Consumer's wishes are covered in products where the right to disallow all products produced according to Consumer's wishes is not available.

Article 8) competent Courts

In the implementation of this Agreement, Consumer Rights and Consumer Courts in the residential area of the Consumer or Seller are authorized until the value prescribed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

In the event of an order occurring, Consumer agrees to all terms of this agreement.

Reseller: Business Bridges Group

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